To Do List Danger

4th September 2020:

OR an answer to the question "What can a Virtual Secretary do for me?"

Does your To Do List look like this?



 Are you trying to do it all yourself?

Be honest.


And just because you can, do you think you should?


As a business owner, office paperwork can take up an inordinate amount of your time. But routine admin doesn’t on its own generate income. And much as you love your business, you also need it to make money!


The solution is a Virtual Secretary. Outsourcing your routine admin leaves you free to concentrate on the money-making side of things, the bit you excel at.



Every item on that To Do List can be outsourced – along with a whole host of others.

  • Email management
  • Mailshots
  • Record keeping
  • Online Research
  • Diary management
  • Audio transcription: (tapes, digital or from mobiles)
  • Copy typing
  • Article writing
  • Proofreading

… and the list goes on …


But where do you start?



Firstly, ask yourself a few questions:


1. Do they need to specialise? (Legal, medical, financial services)


2. Do you need someone local? (Will they need to pop into the office occasionally?)


3. What is your budget? (Even if you only have the budget for an hour a week, a VA can spend that time chasing overdue invoices, updating the client database or keeping track of your receipts.)


4. How much of your routine admin could you outsource? (Look at all your day-to-day admin tasks - and ask yourself how many absolutely MUST be done by you.)


5. How much time could you save by outsouring your admin - and what would you do with that time?



Once you have an idea of what you need, you're ready to start looking ....


But if you're really stuck, just pick up the phone ....


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