Blogging #1: “But I Have Nothing to Say!”

21st August 2020:

Blogs are everywhere. From bookies to bookshops, everyone seems to have one. It's a great way to share information on what you’re up to, what your industry is doing, and what’s the next big thing coming down the line. 


But many business owners are a little afraid of starting a blog.


The two main reasons seem to be:


#1 "I have nothing to say!"


#2 "I don't have the time!"


Reason #1: I can’t start a blog – I have nothing to say!


Yes, you have. You have lots to say.


You started your business for a reason: because you wanted to. And you enjoy what you do. In fact, you’re passionate and knowledgeable about it. You like to stay up to date with industry happenings, and you’re fascinated by the new technology. So why not write about it?


Writing about what you love will help your readers identify with you. They’ll be able to tell at once how enthusiastic you are about … running your coffee shop, restoring vintage Triumph Heralds, gardening, decorating, virtual secretarial work …


It can also help establish you as an expert in your field. If you’re a landscape photographer, you can blog about how you took a certain photograph, why you chose that location and that camera ... That's two or three blogs right there.


‘People buy from people’ may sound like a cliché but it’s true. Use your blog to show you’re a real person, not just a brand (but don’t forget, as a business owner, you’re a brand, too!).


It doesn’t have to be all about your business, either. You can also blog about your hobbies. Perhaps you play for or sponsor a local football team or volunteer with a charity … Whatever you love, whatever you bring to your business that makes the difference, make sure your clients (and potential clients) know about it.


In the Shed blog writing 2


Coming soon: Part #2 - why you do have the time – and what to do if you don’t*.


Christine … from the Shed




* Feel free to drop me a quick email!


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